Jul 7, 2004
Its been a while...
WoW. This year is already over, it went by so fast, i guess time flies by when your having fun. We made it =) and we did not drift away from eachother. <3 I love u guys, and i miss spending time wit y'all.. specially jes and kiri, cuz i dont get to see u two as much ne more, but thas gonna change this saturdai, aint it :D, yay! reunion, after sucha hell of a long time. Well this song playing in the backround, was played when we all went to kirstyns house. The first time we had a serious talk, and cried, also listening to the titanic soundtrack, lol. and then writing in her journal.. where i wrote you're so pretty and white, pretty when ur faithful, when the actually words were you're so pretty IN white, pretty when you're faithful, LOL. We gotta make this saturdai a good one =).

My Summer plans are...
1. going to aruba                                                     10. going to wonderland
2. going downtown                                                   11. going to masonic
3. meeting john                                                       12. back to skool shopping ^_^
4. spendin MORE time w/ you guys                            13. going out for a jog at nite
5. going to another concert this summer                    14. going to a sleepover =)
6. getting a tan                                                        15. seeing jeena
7. loosing weight.                                                     16. to try going onto a diet, very strick
8. dying my hair blonde n pink >.<                            17. getting a facial done, >.^
9. getting to see HIM* more then once this summer     18. not wasting anytime of this summer <3

So who caught that britney spears live in concert thing. Its on channels 201-205. Its good i like it =), if anyone wants to see it, caman over :D

Aruba is in 11 days, i cant wait :D. The fam and i havent gone to a tropical vacation place where we can chill, in a longgggg time, some good relaxing for all of us, specially my rents, they deserve it, for always working. :)

So far this summer has been awesome! =D, loved every minute of it. Met the cast and crew of the tv show, Degrassi the Next Generation. They were all so sweet and nice, got pics and autographs :). 2 Days after i got free tickets to the edgefest. It was sucha an awesome time, omg, i loved it!. The line up was something like this, The Somebodys, The Salads, Jersey, Alexisonfire, Something Corporate, Jet, Billy Talent, Finger Eleven, Good Charlotte.. Something in that order of things. They all rocked, put on great shows, but billy talent stole the show!. Finger eleven saved themselves wit one thing, wut was up wit that half an hour solo O_O. LOL kiri, *finishes solo, everyone claps like crazzie* rob black says"yes they loved me im a genius" everyone in the aduience says" OMG finnally hes done, woot woot" LMAOO! omg. the best part of edgefest was i met billy talent, ben is soo nice <3 i love him. Also met.. COOOPERR!! from the edge intern army. watta nice boi, made me laff. Toook lotsa pics that day, and filmed billy t, finger eleven, n alexisonfire.. wit TIMMY!, lmao cristina. Twas an awesome day :)

Hopefully more awesome stuff will happen this summer :D


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